PES 2016 Vs Fifa sixteen

we all know FIFA 16 is going to be released on September 22 in US and UK is September 24, PES 2016 is going to be released on September 15 in North America and September 17 in Europe.
Pro Evolution Soccer was the most popular sport games until FIFA appear. After years inside shadow of FIFA, PES 2016 provides for us some information at Gamescom. Who will be King?
Weather: PES 2016 vs FIFA 16
PES 2016
According to Konami weather is going to be dynamic within the final game, it may start raining halfway through a game. The pitch quickly becomes sodden and boots kick up water when you sprint on the ball. There's an impact on ball physics too ' it'll skid throughout the surface quickly to start with, but slows with a crawl much faster compared to playing on a dry pitch. While rain certainly changes the flow from the game, the effects isn't overly dramatic.
In FIFA 16 will be able to support nine weather choices available''?? sunny, overcast, rain, snow, hazy, partly cloudy, foggy, random variable rain showers and variable flurries.
It seems that FIFA 16 support more weather than PES 2016, a minimum of, now view it is.
Leagues: PES 2016 vs FIFA 16
PES 2016
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will incorporate Ligue 1, La Liga, all 20 Serie A teams (but the league itself is unlicenced), an unlicensed Premier League known as the English League, with only Manchester United licensed, 3 German teams from Bundesliga(Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg and Borussia M??nchengladbach),[6] an unlicensed Football League Championship known as the English 2nd Division, an unlicenced Serie B know as the Italian 2nd division, all 18 licenced Portuguese teams from Primeira Liga, Ligue 2, Segunda Divisi??n, Campeonato Brasileiro S??rie A and Categor??a Primera A.
FIFA 16 includes Brazilian League, Peruvian League, Uruguayan League, Ecuadorian League, Paraguayan League, Indian league, Bulgarian League, Romanian League, Slovakian League, Malaysian league, Japanese League, Kazakhstan League, Greek League, Venezuelan League, Egyptian League, Hungarian League, Czech League, German 3rd League, Moroccan League, Israeli League, Indonesian League, Algerian League, Serbian League, Croatian League, Cyprus League, South African League, Polish 2nd League, Dutch 2nd League, Thai League, Welsh League, Albanian League, Finland League, Singapore League, Uzbekistan League, Bosnian League, Northern Irish League, Tunisian League, Nigerian League, Canadian League, Bolivian League, Kuwait League, Hong Kong League, Qatar League, Afghan League, Luxembourg League, Lebanese League, Scottish Lower Leagues, Icelandic League, Libyan League, UAE Leagues, Vietnamese League, Lithuanian League, Macedonian League.
Obviously, FIFA 16 will incorporate more Leagues than PES 2016, FIFA 16 provide more choice on the players.
Celebrations: PES 2016 vs FIFA website 16
PES 2016
According on the news of PES 2016 official website 'But not only will the members on the pitch be able to express their personality, but new to the series, PES 2016 will now allow you, the ball player, to truly choose your own personal celebration after scoring a goal!' Konami don't give more detail to us, maybe they need to give players a surprise!!
RUNNING MOVES Celebrations: One Arm Raised, Thumb Suck, Ear Twist, Finger Points, Arms Out, Wrist Flick, Aeroplane, Point to the Sky, Shhh!, Telephone, Can you hear me?, Hands out, Come on!, Blow Kisses, Double Arm Swing, Flying Bird, Hand on Head, Heart Symbol, Arms Pointing Up, Windmill.
FINISHING MOVES Celebrations: Point towards the Sky, Show Respect, Spanish Dance [new], Belly Flop, Riding the Wave, The Business, Standing Archer, Punch and Dodge, Chest Slide, Point Up [new], Signature Finishing Move, Backflip/Arms to Crows, Hand Spring / Roll & Punch, Double Backflip and Roll, Violinist, Spanish Archer, Hands on Ears, Stomach Slide [new], Knee Slide Arms Out, I can't hear you, Side Slide, Brick Fall, Knee Slide, Who am I?, Front Flip/Torero, Knee Slide to Sit, Flip/Cartwheel, Twist Flip / Cartwheel Roll, If I catch you, Why Always Me?, Kiss the Pitch, The, Salute, Peacock, Chest Tumph [new], Glamour Slide [new].
PRO UNLOCKABLES Celebrations: Many Bows, Pardon, Fall to knees & beg, Backflips, Slide on Back, Cockroach, River Dance, Break Dance, Praise on knees, Backwards worm, Uncontrolled, Backflip, Handstand, Spin & Fall, Rowing on knees, Seated rowing, Knee walk, Cradle swing, Baby, Flying Dive, Karate Kicks, Jump Kicks, Ice Skating, Golf Swing, Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3, Dance 4.
EAS FC UNLOCKABLES Celebrations: KO [new], Right Here Right Now, Hand Bite, Stand Tall, Kiss the Whist, Old Man, Calm Down, The Bear, Riding the Cat, Bailando Robot [new], Muevelo, Party Cake, Muscle Flex, Push Ups, The Worm, Dance, Prancing Bird, Gallop Dance.
I have no words but I think you should understand how to choose, right?
Human Motion: PES 2016 vs FIFA 16
PES 2016
PES 2016 introduces the Human Motion Feature, helping bring the superstars your in our new football game! Human Motion Feature system put in a never before seen degree of realism to PES 2016's game-play but in addition will bring some personality into the members on the pitch. Players can now be seen complaining when a foul isn't given or lamenting a missed pass opportunity by a team mate, while outfield players shoot, pass, dribble and tackle in a countless various ways, depending for the situation.
Until now, no information.
According to each of the data, fans in the series began defecting to EA's rival series, too impatient to have to wait for improvement, too annoyed from the lack of a licensing; a dearth of official team kits, no English Premier League etc. Even Human Motion Feature system can't stop it.
Personally, i really believe FIFA was marginally the greater game just because in the presentational polish EA place into it. Nevertheless, it turned out a very close-run contest and this year I think Konami will certainly complete the comeback.

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